-Un Espectáculo de Danza Erotica-

Un showcase con una temática erotico/sensual que nos llevara por diferentes emociones y fantasías atravesando desde el twerk y el exotic pole hasta el floor work y la acrobacia.

“El primer espectáculo en su tipo en la península”

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PoleXpression “ Wild “ es explosivo, atrevido, tentación, es sin control, ajeno a las normas , indominable… En definitiva es libertad.
Libera la zona “ wild “ que hay dentro de tí !
El rendimiento debe mostrar creatividad. La coreografía debe incluir la expresión artística del competidor a través del movimiento. La coreografía debe reflejar el tema/ concepto.

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Pole Classique

The goal of the Classique division of US Pole Sports Federation competition is to showcase the sensual side of pole, with a focus on fluidity, graceful strength, and flexibility.

This is not a venue for raw sexuality, but rather the seductive beauty of movement and dance on and around the pole.

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Polesque Show Saint-Petersburg 2019

Every girl who will come to our stage is already a star, a bright and talented actress who does not need to fight for places. So our festival is without 1,2,3 places 🙌
BUT, in each of the four categories we have provided the basic nominations, and 8 additional ones, which will be awarded to our wonderful young ladies.
✅These nominations are:
💎Category “Exotic art show” – Nomination “Miss Fantasy”
💎Category “Old style exotic” – “Miss Erotica” nomination
💎Category “Polesque” – Nomination “Miss Tease”
💎Category “Burlesque” – Nomination “Miss Burlesque”
✅Additional nominations (for all categories):
💎Miss Best Show
💎Miss Best Costume
💎Miss Strong
💎Miss Passion
💎Miss Flow
💎Miss Actress
💎Miss Plastica
💎Miss Burning Legs
And the most pleasant: 🏅 special prize – the Grand Prix of our festival will receive only one, which will be called “Queen Polesque Show 2019” and will open the festival next time!

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Viva La Pole Show

Viva La Pole Show returns in 2019 with heavy metal thunder!

Hellbilly Deluxe – A Rob Zombie Tribute
Evil Engine’s Passable Tribue To Metallica
Highspeedirt Megadeth Tribute

With a loaded cast of top performers from across the midwest!

Tickets Live Soon!
$25 Advance
$30 Doors

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