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PoleAccess vs the World

Recently we have noticed that adult accounts from OnlyFans, devoted to nudity, have been shut down and refunds made to the patrons… 

This is obviously done due to commercial pressure, closing yet another way of income to our community, because let’s face it, we always, as polers have always been associated with everything bad in society,  and this type of enterprises, having to report back to the shareholders, among a complex and strict legislation, many of  our fellow polers have been affected by this unilateral decision.

PoleAccess, founded by one of us, by a peer, a fellow studio owner and competition organizer, focused only on the needs of our community. Yessy Cure, she is a major in Software Engineering and has partnered to create and develop PoleAccess, for us, for the community.

Yes, only in the needs of our community sometimes sounds cheap, empty, but it all started because she saw her work, her care, her love to the pole, truncated by draconian policies by entities like YouTube or Facebook, she took the issue in her hands. 

So, in an effort to be inclusive, you can sell your content in PoleAccess, you can have secret private galleries for sale, public videos for sale, private videos for sale, maybe is a special work for hire. 

The cost of using PoleAccess is the same or lower than OnlyFans…  

What is keeping PoleAccess from doing the same as OnlyFans, Patreon, Facebook, Instagram… well, the answer is simple. PoleAccess is for the community, by the community. 

If you want to be safe, come home, come to PoleAccess…

Your Channel, your Rules!

For more information about how to use PoleAccess click here.

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