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Meet the face behind: Mona’s comic; Alessandra Monaldini

We all have shared her illustrations , memes and inspirational drawings.


We love Monas comics and nothing couldn’t be possible without Alessandra Monaldini, but we  know her as Mona.  She’s 28 years old and an Italian illustrator. 

She was born in a city called Rimini (North – East of Italy), but actually lives in a small village on Tuscany’s mountains, a very peaceful place!

She practices pole dance since 2014. She goes  to a pole studio and has her  personal pole in the living room 

She started drawing cartoons about pole dance because of her fears and failures on the pole and just to make it funnier!

Then She realized that she wasn’t alone and a lot of pole dancers feel exactly the same : sharing each others feelings is one of the best ways to be braver.

“I hope you enjoy my “Mona’s Comics – Life on the pole”!” 

Boris Kyñonesz