Meet the face behind… You know you’re a poler when : Jax Spencer

Jax Spencer is a self-taught pole dancer with 12+ years experience on the pole and is the owner of The Pole Academy in Greenville, South Carolina.  She found pole happily by accident and has been involved with teaching, performing and traveling ever since!  She is known for her freestyle flow, slinky transitions and her love of splits.  With no background experience or flexibility, Jax is proof that anyone can find the passion of pole dance and her studio has a theme: TheraPole!  

Jax is a PSO Unicorn & Judge, creator of the Facebook group “You Know When You’re A Poler When…”, the spin off group “You Know You’re A Business Poler When…” and “Polerinos”. She is a certified XPERT & CRNP Trainer and a Hoodlum Fang ambassador.

Jax created the international Facebook group “You Know You’re A Poler When…” on a wine tipsy whim back in August of 2011. It was in complete fun and she added most of her friends list with no intention than just a few laughs. “I don’t recall how quickly it grew but it evolved from finishing the sentence to people posting videos, asking for advice on grip or pole clothes, sharing their accomplishments and so much more.” The group included all shapes, sizes, nationalities, backgrounds and even started to include non-pole related topics as long as it was within the borderlines like floorwork, chair dance and heel work.  It quickly blew up in the thousands and she gained a small team of volunteer admins to help keep it on track. The admin team set guidelines to follow and eventually had to ask questions just for people to get in so they could keep the creepers out. 

“I don’t remember the exact fire that came up years ago but there were lots of clashing dynamic opinions (can’t make 35k people happy at once!) but some people left the group and I (again, on a whim) changed the setting to a ‘Closed’ group.”  It made some people mad saying ‘we shouldn’t have to hide what we do’ and ‘be proud’ but it wasn’t about that. It was for a safe, communal space – a little slice of internet where inclusivity and anonymity are shared. As soon as Jax did the change, hundreds of people popped out of the shadows rejoicing they could post since they have been savvy lurkers before, afraid that their job or family would see their posts. It was a huge turning point and a pretty big deal to all those who felt safe and included. 

There have been a few other situational fires that have arose between topics and as much as Jax is a ‘let’s all get along’ personality, sometimes she has to take charge, be diplomatic, listen to all parties and make the most just & logical decisions. The admin team helping her is amazing and super communicative. With each situation from breaking guidelines, controversial topic posts or just the occasional creeper looking to get it in, the team always has each others best interest in mind and keeps the group running smoothly. 

It’s been overall a beautiful experience to be apart of something so big and influential to the community. It was meant as a fun hobby and to make some new friends but it turned into a supportive, chaotic, dysfunctional family and Jax wouldn’t have it any other way. (Even if she has to pull the Mom card and threaten to delete the group once in a while!) 

Whether you’re starting your journey and want someone to cheer you on, a polished polefessional looking to travel, in need of some inspiration or advice, or need a safe place to share your accomplishments – YKYAPW is there.

Boris Kyñonesz