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I’m a Pole Studio Owner

I’m a pole studio owner and it’s no complaint.

I really believe this was a life and career calling, because lets face it, even though we like to think that pole dancing is for everyone, being an studio owner is not so much.

I’ve been in this business for 10 years now. In my country at the beginning there were like 3 or 4 pole studios, now there are like 200 pole studios in México City only.

It’s the jungle outthere!

We are carring a taboo that came along with the discipline itself, we have to be the operation center for our instructors and students, we have to be hosts for events, and lots of us, are running events and competitions all over the world.

With this JLO and media burst (again, we have one of this every 2 years or so) we are expecting that more people come to our studios, because our regular clients, sometimes they are not so regular and we have to keep the business running, we love our studios, but we are the core of the industry as is known these days, is such a responsability.

Fellow pole studio owners, i get you, and we have to support each other, sometimes we want to quit while we cry over the electrical bill, but lots of people happiness and careers are depending on us, stay strong!

If you want us to talk about any subject, be free to make a sugestion, we are here for you!

Yessy Cure

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