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 2021-05-06 15:01 America/Mexico_City 42 minutes to end
42 minutes to end
  • Duration: 120 Minutes
Hablamos de los tipos de pole dance que existen y sus caracteristicas

Carnival of Souls Night Two

Carnival of Souls will be ushering evil in this online horror event for Halloween 2020. The film experience will feature incredible performances of Aerial, Pole, Performance Art, Burlesque and more. It is hosted by Horror Goddess, Valentina Gore' and Succubus Natalya Rose.
Two nights of mayhem and Horror are waiting for you!
1. Valerie Paige
2. Kasper
3. Kitty Skittles
4. The Grand Maw
5. Tamara
6. Poison
7. Shannon Daily
8. Melissa Lulik
9. Champagne Super Nova
10. Maria Louise The Babeadook
11. Leah Von O'Daera with Ziva Amaya
12. Cast

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